Personal Message to our Community, to our Mentors, Mentees, and all the friends around the world!

Dear Community, dear Friends! 

We hope this message finds you in good spirits.

For more than three years, The Mentoring Club has proudly served as a platform for mentorship and personal growth, reaching numerous individuals and creating a significant impact on their lives. We've seen first-hand the transformative power of mentorship, and we are committed to continuing this mission.

Since we started in April 2020 we created a community with more than 6,000 members, hosted podcasts, written numerous articles, and iteratively launched more and more features for our mentees and mentors. As the founders and creators of this platform, we invest our limited free time every week to improve and enrich your experience as mentors.

Regrettably, as a non-profit without external investors or sponsors, we face a substantial challenge.  Our operational costs, which include hosting, email services, tooling, accounting, tax consulting, and other necessary expenses, amount to 600 to 800 Euros per month. Unfortunately, our donations have seen a considerable drop, averaging between 50 to 150 Euro monthly. Currently, only 0.3% of mentees donate some money. Given the fact, that in more than 95% of cases, mentees enjoyed their session and found great value in it, we believe we can increase the number of donors.

In these times of adversity, we turn to you, our valued community, for support. No matter the size, your donation can help keep our operations running and our platform accessible to all who seek mentorship and guidance.

To donate, please visit:

We are also looking for corporate sponsors who want to connect to our beautiful cause. If you know someone in your company who is responsible for HR, CSR, or who works in the management team, please reach out to them and tell them about our platform and that we are looking for partners and sponsors:

In the coming weeks, we will deploy some more features and initiatives:

  • Google Connect, to connect your Google Calendar with our platform and make managing availabilities much easier
  • with some of our top mentors, we're going to brainstorm about adding premium masterclasses to our portfolio
  • AI-powered career and development plans for mentees
  • Improvements to our recommendation engine

Significant improvements in our platforms quality and better mechanisms to avoid no-shows and other bad behavior of both mentees and mentors

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.

Warm regards,

Jessica & Bastian

Co-Founders, The Mentoring Club