Press Release: The Mentoring Club spices up its Look & Feel to increase Relevance in its target Audience.


Berlin, 17.01.2023 - Today, the Mentoring Club announced their new branding that includes a new color code as well as a redesigned website and Member Area. 

Over the past weeks, a small team of passionate volunteers and the founders of the Mentoring Club have created a fresher and more relevant design to better align their brand identity with their mission and values. 

The Mentoring Club was launched in early 2020 to connect those who want to learn and grow with those willing to support others by sharing their past experiences and giving advice. While the founders Bastian Buch and Jessica Dewald worked more or less as a duo to establish the platform as a relevant destination for both mentees and mentors at the beginning, throughout 2022 several volunteers joined to help make the club even better. Martina Burger, an experienced UI/UX designer, was the new layout's driving force. She redesigned the website as a pro bono project because she wanted to help: “The Mentoring Club is a great product and I realized that my expertise could benefit their community. I started with color and fonts to kick off a longer-term set of re-branding efforts which will allow the platform to become more relevant for their target audience.” 

While there are many senior-to-senior mentoring sessions the biggest benefit lies in supporting those who are at the beginning of their careers and need advice for experienced professionals. This is why the designer recommended moving away from the old color scheme towards a younger look created through the combination of navy blue, violet, and mint. These colors represent individualism, autonomy, sensitivity, and positivity - all values at the core of the founders’ vision and embraced by each member. “We are humbled and thankful for the continuous support of our community and the pro bono engagements we are able to benefit from. Without our supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are today. There are almost 2,000 mentors now, more than 700 mentoring sessions held each month, and constant organic traffic growth.” says Bastian Buch who is also the driving force behind all engineering efforts. 

The non-profit plans several further improvements and feature launches in the coming months, including a redesigned logo and elevated member area. More to come soon. 

At The Mentoring Club, we are dedicated to supporting those who are eager to learn, grow, and develop. We look forward to supporting you on your professional journey and helping you achieve your goals. Join us and take the first step towards personal and professional growth.

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