Interview with the founder of Remi, who used The Mentoring Club as a place of inspiration to build her startup.

Earlier this year we heard about the news that Remi, a young startup from Berlin which provides a culture building platform for remote teams, received almost 1.5M Eur in pre-seed funding. We were very happy about the news because their founders used The Mentoring Club as a place for inspiration, learning and professional advice. 

Recently we met Remi's co-founders Rebecca and spoke with her about their product and the experience they had with our mentoring platform.


Could you briefly describe what your Company offers to the world?

Remi solves the problem of building connection and culture in a remote setting. We’re building a culture building platform for remote and hybrid teams that uses async rituals and proactive nudging to help teams build culture easily and effectively. 

With the funding in your pockets, what plans do you have for the next 12 months?

We’re using the funds to build our founding team (we are lucky to have already found some amazing people), to find product market fit, and to scale our growth. 

Earlier this year you used The Mentoring Club platform to get advice and feedback from product managers on how to build and validate your MVP. Do you remember how you originally found the platform? 

I had heard about it on LinkedIn, a lot of people in my network were talking about it, and for founders on a shoestring, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get high quality advice and build my network at the same time!

How many sessions did you have and what was the value for you and your company?

We had about 5 sessions each, and we build some long-lasting relationships, some of which turned into official advisors and even investors in our business!

The Mentoring Club is a non-profit organization to help young people grow their careers, develop their skills and - as in your case - shape their startup ideas and plans. Why would you recommend this platform to others?

To me, talking to experts about specific problems is always a better investment of my time than Googling or reading books. A direct exchange with someone who’s gone through what you have gone through, and who can lend specific advice is just super helpful. On top of that, you’re talking to people who are empathetic and really want to help you - it’s a wonderful baseline for a powerful and motivating conversation. 

Thank you Rebecca for this conversation. We wish you great success with Remi!