Active listening is the art of... success❗❗

I know that I know nothing!

                                        (Socratic paradox)

Writing this post about Active Listening, my intention is to set an essential interaction with the reader, who can see beyond the obvious, and not to give tips how someone becomes a good listener or to present the benefits from it. Active listening is not a skill which one can obtain if only follows specific "steps" and instructions, it's a state of mind and emotions in which can be if he is willing to. Situations and procedures in life aren't like switching posts where you can change whatever you want or you don't want to see... So, stay in the "post" and see beyond of this, see your reflection.   

🔴 "Professional success" is one of the most trending phrases! 
After all, in our days all aspects of daily life are very competitive. People set goals which they want to achieve and despite the hard efforts they make, the arrangement with success for the most of the people "escapes". Although the reasons and parameters are quiet a lot, significant part in success has the communication value and specific the capability of active listening. 

An academic interdisciplinary research, using the bibliometric analysis, showed up that the interest in researching career success has increased in the last 30 years. The authors analyzed the results of this field between the years 1990 and 2020.

🔴 Let's see...
Renewing knowledge and develop various skills through training courses and educational programs are very helpful and push a person to become in a way of matter better and more competitive. I always try to expand my knowledge and my skills. But is this enough for success? And to put it different: the more one's learn can ensures or promise the professional success? If  the answer was yes then the most would be a succeeded professional, because in our days the knowledge is widely open and a significant percentage of employees are engaged with lifelong learning.  

🔴 Let's dive... 
At this point we must make it clear that the receiving knowledge divided in two categories:      
First is the external or objective knowledge, all the gained information from education and training. 
Second is the internal or subjective knowledge which someone acquires studying its ownself.

Even though most people believe they are self-aware, only 10-15% of the people fit the criteria. Yet no bookstore sells a book about "you", so how do you develop this kind of insight into yourself?

👉 Reading this post about active listening, it is an external information, and perhaps it's enlightening you, or motivates you for further knowledge on this topic through participating in a course or reading more about this skill. Sure you will expand your knowledge on the topic. But how likely is to be an active listener only with the external knowledge. The deep knowledge or a specific skill advantage will not get you far enough if you don't know how to communicate with other people, so that you can transmit your ideas, your thoughts and your emotions. The challenge is to be able to interact with other people, to transmit and to receive information effectively.

👉 The crucial difference that makes one to succeed in life is to have the knowledge of its ownself. The inner informations about thoughts and emotions make the person awake and challenge him to understand and recognize his position in any situation. The process of cultivating self-knowledge is long. To be someone able to understand the others presuppose to recognize its ownself.

The majority of respondents want to talk to great listeners. But they themselves are great listeners? 

🔴 Effective communication is a high value... 
In one of the first sessions I had with a mentee, which she was 100% trained and experienced in her field of work, she was considering that as much as she was trying she didn't have the opportunity to get a promotion and elevate in the company where she's working for many years. After a few sessions and going through the metacognition program she understands that the way of communication she applied was undermining her career. When she made her efforts on effective communication and interaction the results after a short period were excellent. Yes, it sounds simple, but is not!  
🔴 Listen the story, don't hear the words... Listen the music, don't hear the sound.  
You want to work the mindset of active listening❓ In this challenge, if the answer is yes book a session with me👉