Post - Modern society... Mentoring it´s a need! πŸ‘€

I shut my eyes, in order to see!
                                                         (Paul Gauguin)

πŸ”΄ Our era is synthetic and dynamic because we are on the threshold of a new age, where artificial intelligence (AI) dominates and change human´s habits, the way of thinking and in a wide perspective their daily life. In this context of modern reality, speed and alternation are the main characteristics. AI significance is very important and develops all areas and aspects of work. However, crucial questions arising about how human responds to this transition. In short term the big questions are how human accepts these affects and how determine his life. The answers to these golden questions are many and open to different explanations, after all we are in the begging of the process and it is not easy to decode what is going on.

πŸ”΄ Yes, our time period is called Post-modern!!! According to sociologists David Jary & Julia Jary, post-modernity is seen as involving such features as a world of  "flux, flow and fragmentation", without absolute values. An end of the dominance of an overarching belief in scientific rationality and a unitary theory of progress, the replacement of empiricists theories of representation and truth, and an increased emphasis on the importance of the unconscious, on free-floating signs/images and a plurality of viewpoints.

πŸ”΄ The transformations that are taking place due to the development of digital technology change the nature of knowledge, education and work. Knowledge has value and becomes useful only at the technical point of view. Thus human is training not to know and develop himself but to use his training to the job market, and the experience of education become more fragmented. We must remember training concerns the partial, while education concerns the whole.

πŸ”΄ Anything that cannot be stored and expressed digitally can gradually cease to be knowledge. But human in all of his activities communicate and has the need to activate his mind so to be able to have empathy, self-awareness and consciousness, as well as to learn how to recognize and manage his emotions. These "soft-skills" are determined by the mindset, which needs education and experience to evolve. 

πŸ”΄ The gap between the rapid speed of technology and human can cover the Mentoring, because it's the education in life experience. And that is what an individual need the most. All that called soft-skills, which are not soft, can not acquired through the classical education system and neither can transmitted or digitally encoded by any technological device. The human evolve is a synthetic process and presupposes the activation of emotions and mind.

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A new approach is needed in the postmodern age🎈