List: Best Tools for Start-Ups and Digital Creators


👀 About me

Hi, I'm Alex from Munich, Germany 🇩🇪 Co-Founder, Start-Up Mentor, and Commercial Specialist (Sales/Marketing/Business Development) with 10+ years in digital Start-Ups (SaaS and marketplaces).

💭 Why I've written this blog post

Quite frequently my friends, colleagues, mentees, and customers are asking me the same one question: 'What digital tools and software solutions do you highly recommend for running an online business, a digital start-up, or being a digital creator.' And most of the time I've recommended the same tools to them.

That's the reason why I have now summarized the best digital tools for launching and running your (software) start-up in one easy-to-read table.

Please be aware that the definition of 'best tools' is obviously my subjective opinion based on my experiences using them or implementing them for customers.

📂About the table

In the table below I've included tools for CRM, Marketing Automation, Website Builder, Domain Hosting, Project Management, To-Do-Lists, Social Media Management, Design, Online Course, Webinar, E-commerce, Scheduling, Automation, Outsourcing/Freelancer, Surveys, File Storage and Password Management. You can easily filter the table based on those categories.

For some of the categories, you will find more than one tool recommendation. This means that I can highly recommend all of them and you should decide based on your individual budget, specific feature requests, and personal preferences for different user experiences.

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👉 You need support?

If you need support implementing one of those tools or are looking for some start-up mentoring, feel free to reach out to me on Linkedin or via Mentoring Club.

In case I forgot an important tool, please drop me a message.

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