Meet Frederico Machado de Campos: A Brazilian people evangelist living in Berlin


As a platform we're celebrating almost 600 Mentors. Recently we spoke to some of our most active mentors about their experience and their reasons for donating their valuable time to others. 

In our fourth interview we spoke to Frederico Machado de Campos (what a name!), a Brazilian born HR, Recruiting, Employer Branding and People Expert living in Berlin. As a Mentor, he helps young individuals and people in need by providing pro bono guidance, support and advices about everything HR, career planning and whatever they want to talk about.

At the Mentoring Club he did already more than 30 sessions with people from all over the world. Frederico also received some of the best reviews from his mentees with an average score of 5.96 out of 6.

Here is the interview:

Why did you decide to join The Mentoring Club?

I strongly believe in the law of reciprocity so if there is a way I can give back to the community at my reach I will do it. The M Club showed up in my life and is exactly the kind of opportunity I needed to be able to share stuff and learn a lot with people. 

What was the most insightful / funny / enlightening session you had so far?

I love the sessions with people who work as HR Manager. It is always a double sided exchange. There was this one were she coached me in how to access cultural nuances from people I am just getting to know. Almost every session is beneficial for me as well.

How many sessions do you offer per week?

It depends on my personal schedule. Usually I offer 1 or 2 sessions per week.  

Why do you donate your precious time?

When you help yourself you feel fulfilled. When you help others you experience true happiness.

What do you think The Mentoring Club platform will be in 5 years from now?

I hope it could be a place where great leaders commute on sharing experience in big events, a recognised brand of content and a place where people go to share and learn.  

Tell us a bit about about yourself: What do you do, where do you come from, what makes your life beautiful?

I am a Brazilian, 33 year old who loves video games. I live in Berlin for some months and working in the startup environment as Work Experience Partner (whatever that is haha). It is like a fancy psychologist that works close to people and teams on HR related projects.

Thank you Fred for being a Mentor at The Mentoring Club!