Meet Bruno Morgante: Project Management Evangelist and Mentor


As a platform we're celebrating 500+ Mentors. Recently we spoke to some of our most active mentors about their experience and their reasons for donating their valuable time to others. 

In our third interview we spoke to Bruno Morgante, an Italian born Project Management Expert, with over 15 years of experience in large multinational conglomerates, improving processes, building and leading successful teams and managing multiple projects simultaneously. As a Mentor, he helps young brilliant individuals and people in need by providing pro bono guidance, support and advices about Leadership, Personal Development, Career Development, PMO and Program and Project Management.

At the Mentoring Club he did already more than 30 sessions with people from Germany, Canada, Indonesia, India, Spain and many other countries.

Here is the interview:

Why did you decide to join The Mentoring Club?

I am offering pro bono mentoring sessions since years. During the 2020 peak of the COVID-19 pandemic I decided to do more, to help more people and to give back to society. One of the way to do it, it was to carve out more time to offer more mentoring session. 

The Mentoring Club was a new initiative born in Berlin (my current home) and even if it was run by volunteers it was just working perfectly. Not only I loved the idea, but I also loved the way it was implemented. 

What was the most insightful / funny / enlightening session you had so far?

Impossible to pick one, I had several enlightening sessions. I feel great anytime one of my mentee achieve what they want and share their successes in the weeks/months following our session(s). Feeling that I contributed to their success, supporting them in their journey it is the best recognition. 

The funniest moment, was at the end of a great session with a brilliant young entrepreneur based in Berlin. The guy was happy to have learnt something new about Project Management and he asked me how he could pay me 🙂. I felt great to tell him I am doing it for free, pro-bono, like everyone here at the Mentoring Club!

How many sessions do you offer per week?

I usually offer 3 or 4 slots per week. However, I have to reduce them when the rest of my life makes me too busy.  

Why do you donate your precious time?

I believe that if you are doing well enough, it is your responsibility to help others 🙏🏻

What do you think The Mentoring Club platform will be in 5 years from now?

I strongly believe in the power of mentoring. I believe the number of people in search for support, guidance and help will increase over the next years and we will have more and more mentees to serve. We will continue to do great and The Mentoring Club will be perceived as the best pro bono mentoring platform. 

Tell us a bit about about yourself: What do you do, where do you come from, what makes your life beautiful?

I solve problems and deliver results.
...yes, this is how I introduce myself 🙂 

I am Italian, from Milano and I live in Berlin since 8 years. 
In everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo, to improve processes, get better results and set things in order.
I listen carefully, I work with people, I communicate clearly and I believe in the power of positive attitude.
I solve problems and deliver results. I lead an amazing team of Project Managers, Program Managers and PMO Specialists focused on delivering projects on target, on time and on costs.

Thank you Bruno for being a Mentor at The Mentoring Club!