The one thing you probably did not know about Mentoring.


Nowadays everybody is talking about their mentors, mentoring programs, how to find mentors or the best way to become one. But probably no one really knows about the first actual mentor in history, Mentor himself.

According to Greek mythology, Mentor was a close friend of the legendary hero Odysseus and the tutor of his son Telemachus, whom he was a lifelong advisor and confidante. When Odysseus decided to go to the Trojan War with Greek leader Agamemnon, he asked Mentor to take care of his son. At the time wise men like Mentor were asked to help with raising boys to be strong warriors with great character and principles.

Odysseus chose him because of his knowledge, wisdom and experience. He was sure that these traits would have a beneficial influence on his son's upbringing and development. By nearly all accounts Mentor was a protective, guiding and supportive figure who acted as a wise and trusted counselor to Telemachus.

This ancient myth neatly encapsulates our visions of great mentoring when someone with experience and maturity is able to guide someone through tough challenges always with the aim to make the other person stronger, better and more mature.

While you might not find the one and only Mentor at The Mentoring Club who will guide you through many years, we still believe that the diversity and sum of experiences all our members combine, will make the Mentoring Club platform itself a great growth companion to become the best future version of yourself.