4 steps to find the right mentor

1. Decide what you need from the mentor: what do you want to achieve? What's your motivation? What are your short and long term goals? Do you need expertise from a specific industry or general experience in work and life?

2. Note the key questions you would like to ask your mentor: Surely the conversation can go along unexpected paths, but having some idea of a direction and a few cornerstones is helpful.

3. Identify the key attributes of someone who can be your mentor: Age, origin, gender, language, job status, experience, etc.

4. When you schedule a call with your mentor, give them enough info to know what you need from them. Avoid wasting someone's time. If you write them a quick summary of your problem space the mentor can decide if they can help you or if they should suggest someone else. In the first minutes of your call clarify your goal and the key questions you have.

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