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Train that took the blessings - (Every Blessing Counts)

Hi Pals, my name is Alfred and I am a driver of a vehicle which is used in areas where almost every moment  there is a possibility of a bullet hitting you. Yes, it’s a "no man’s land” zone or you can say a zone where no one is right or wrong or may be everyone is wrong but the fact is that, as the job is demanding so are the risks involved with it. My wife is new to this culture and she is scared whether I would make it to home this time when I get leave. Ah! the problem is leave is not guaranteed or it is not a right but a privilege, my boss says so..:(:(. I really wanted to go home but my boss is equally in a very difficult situation, though nice at heart; and it is not his fault that he is not able to give me leave. Irony is that, he has some important work at home and he has requested me to hold my leave until he is back. As the new boss is new to location and due to my exposure I know the critical routes which would be important for lot of tasks in his absence. I do understand the intensity of the situation but who would explain my family at home, small kid Ronald has not seen my face yet, and I am now starting to believe that we are expected to be super humans and do some tasks which many people do not know ( not their fault at all..:)) I am being emotional but honestly, I am missing my loved ones a lot. Sometime bullet is not what I am scared of but the fact that who would look after my family and old parents if bullet does hit my vehicle?. In the middle of all this; time has come to drop my boss to railway station where luckily he would board a train to his native town.

You know what?, that TRAIN would also cross my native town. I have told my wife to come to the station and imagine that I have come. I would touch the train from here and give my love and blessings to my wife and son. They would receive it through this train which would take my blessings all the way, and thus, it may sound very trivial for some, but for me, I hope I am able to shower my love to them. All they have to do is to touch the engine of the train on which I touched through my hands and gave them blessings. Even though money exists as ATM  card is with my family but guess this happiness is beyond dollars and much more for them. As I bid adieu, I hope she understands my situation and the TRAIN does take my blessings all the way!!!!

(Next day) - The train did reach my hometown, and she did come with my kid, she touched the engine, gave  me a call and said in broken tone “ she got the blessings and she would wait for my leave eagerly”, moisture in my eyes I politely said “ Surely, you take care”. Life is tough and it will always be but if we truly see the blessings around, they are enough for us to face all odds with a smile.

Written by Maj Vivek Varma.


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